April 2023 Release: Bulk Sharing, PDF Forms & More

April 2023 Release

In with the new – but the old isn’t going anywhere, unless it’s a bug. It’s time to add features, fix issues, tweak functionalities, and improve the overall Circularo user experience once again.

The first 2023 update brings more rights for organization administrators, enhanced security for shared documents, bulk sharing, automatic PDF form field recognition, and other major and minor improvements to the app.

Here are the main changes and additions in this release:

Automated PDF form field recognition

When you upload a PDF form that contains fillable fields (signature and other fields such as name, date of birth, etc.), fields will get automatically recognized and replaced with their Circularo equivalents.

PDF form with recognized fields
PDF form with recognized fields

This way you can quickly reuse any existing PDF forms and convert them into Circularo PDF templates that can be filled in and signed easily.

Even more secure document sharing

When signing documents with multiple parties, senders can now apply extra protective measures upon recipient selection, including:

  • Disable or enable further document delegation to another user
  • Disable or enable downloading or printing the document
  • Disable or enable annotations upon rejecting the document

The default settings can be adjusted by the organization admin and later changed by users on individual recipient or group level.

This feature is crucial for privacy and security, protecting documents from their further unsupervised circulation and potential sensitive information leakage.

Improved document audit logs

Audit logs now have a built-in detailed search functionality to easily find any records that might be important. Organization admins can filter records by document title or creator, among other filter options.

Template bulk sharing

Saved templates can now be sent to a large number of users by importing a CSV file containing names of users that are required to sign the document.

Please note: Only single-role templates can currently be bulk shared.

Contact bulk import & export

Users are now able to bulk import contacts from a CSV file or export their existing list of contacts to CSV or JSON in one click.

Better compliance & more control for organization admins

We have added a few more rights to administrators to enhance security and compliance within the organization.

Added admin options
Added admin options

In organization settings, admins now have the authority to:

  • Enforce 2-factor authentication among all users
  • Enable password expiration and set the required password change frequency
  • Disable email+password login option completely
  • Enable and disable certain fields during the signing process
  • Disable automatic document merge when uploading multiple documents

Improved verification page

Our in-house online verification tool can now verify the validity and authenticity of digital signatures in any document – even if the document isn’t present or wasn’t signed in our system.

Easier manipulation with fields

It is now possible to select, copy, resize, and move around multiple fields with your mouse, making the preparation of complex eSigning PDF forms and templates so much more convenient.

Better field settings & new fonts

The toolbar with text field settings has been moved from the top of the page to the side for better visibility.
We have also added the option to choose from several different fonts to use for signing and other fields, and even more fonts will become available in the next release.

New font options
PDF form with recognized fields

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the availability of each feature depends on your subscription plan. If you are missing features you’re interested in or wish to upgrade your plan, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

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