August 2022 Release: Accept, Approve, Review, and More

Time for an upgrade. A new release of Circularo is coming out and we would like to tell you about some new exciting additions to the app.

Apart from a general makeover, we have introduced additional actions to the eSigning workflow, new fillable fields, and a practical way to verify the validity of your documents.

Here’s what’s new.

Fresh look & feel

The first thing you may notice is that the overall look and feel of the app got an upgrade. That includes new icons and fonts, among other things.

New workflow actions

Apart from signing, there are now additional workflow actions. Those can be assigned to recipients who aren’t signatories but might need to participate in the signing process in some other way.

All of these actions are a part of the signing order and are secured with electronic certificates to prevent later unauthorized modifications of the document.

Accept, Approve, Review

This option is perfect for when you need confirmation of the document’s correctness from the recipient.

Send a review request if you need confirmation or proof that the recipient has received and read the document.

This action is best used if you need the recipient’s consent with the terms or implications stated in the document.

New fields in the signing process

Three new fields can be inserted into the document during the preparation phase and filled in by the sender or recipients.

Insert clickable links leading to websites or other documents.

Add selected document metadata directly into the document for improved transparency. 

Radio button
Create a number of unique options and let recipients select one of them to indicate their choice or answer during the signing process.

MFA recovery codes

No fear of getting locked out and losing valuable documents. You can now download a set of recovery codes to log into Circularo if you can’t access your usual 2-factor authentication.

Generate a set of recovery codes to always have access to Circularo


Recipients who do not actively participate in the signing process but need to receive a read-only copy of the document are now grouped separately and do not interfere with the signing process itself.  

Download folder

Entire folders can now be downloaded as ZIP files.

Seal document

Add an invisible electronic certificate without any visual indicator acting as a seal. This secures the document and makes it verifiable even with no signatures present.

Improved Audit Trail / Certificate of Fulfilment

Audit Trail now transforms into a Certificate of Fulfilment once a transaction has been completed.

This certificate contains a complete overview of the document’s processing history and details important information about the transaction that took place.

On top of that, both Audit Trail and Certificate of Fulfilment got a visual and structural makeover.

Certificate of Fulfilment for documents with finished transactions.

Verification page

Last but not least is a brand new Verification page where you can easily check whether your signed documents can be trusted. Verify the validity of digital signatures, see which documents really originated in our system, and discover whether they have been modified since being signed.

Verify a document

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the availability of each feature depends on your subscription plan. If you are missing features you’re interested in or wish to upgrade your plan, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

Want to try these and many more amazing features Circularo offers?