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PALAXO and Zayed University awarded in for Web and Social Intelligence

PALAXO joint project with University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and Zayed University in Dubai has been acknowledged by Czech TOP 100 for its 1st CZECH – U.A.E Web and Social Intelligence R&D initiative focusing on smart data analysis in Dubai hospitality sector.

ZU: Professor Hakim Hacid, professor Farhi Marir, Professor Zakaria Maamar, provost Marilyn Roberts. ZCU: Dr. Miroslav Konopík, PALAXO: CEO Dr. Josef Neumann, CBC: Vice president Mr. O. Soska

Czech Business Council participated on the ceremony at Zayed University last week and noted with great pleasure that relations between the Czech Republic and the UAE are booming not only in traditional business sectors, but also on an academic level when Czech companies are partnering with local universities. Great news!


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