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Composing and orchestrating agreements in Circularo

Circularo Agreement Management Cycle is about preparing and composing agreements and having them signed electronically using electronic signatures at the same time.

Composers write and arrange music for orchestras, bands, theatre, television, or film. The compositions can be left entirely up to them, or they may work with a client’s specifications. Music directors, also known as conductors, lead musical groups in performance. They make sure every member of the group or orchestra does precisely what they’re supposed to do and that everyone works successfully as a whole.

Striking the right balance between all the factors at play and their effect on the audience is an art form in itself. Making agreements to work requires the same balance and understanding between all the parties involved.

Circularo Agreement Management Cycle

In Circularo, we recognise that contract composition and its execution are different parts of the same story.

Some need to create the agreement from scratch or maybe compose different parts of the contract based on some predefined template. And usually, they need to ask the colleagues to review or approve the work, or they might need some extra help from other peers before the semi-final document is ready to be signed.

This composition phase can take days, weeks and sometimes even months while signing the final agreement can take only a couple of minutes, especially when done electronically and online.

Once the document is ready to be signed the rules of engagement must be defined. Who needs to sign first, who next, what else needs to be filled out by each signatory? Who should be notified? How should the parties be verified? Orchestrating the right way how the agreement gets executed is sometimes as important as the content of the document itself.

That’s why Circularo is providing the right tools to make this process easier, faster and frictionless from the very beginning to the end, from the composition to its execution.