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eCorrespondence Management System

PALAXO together with Saperion from Perceptive Software are introducing easy to use, secured more productive and efficient solution for correspondence automation in digital, web and mobile world with full RTL Arabic support.

The goal of the eCorrespondence Management Application is to create, approve and archive letters that are to be sent outside or inside of an organisation and to automate most of the related tasks and procedures.

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Complete digital life cycle management of your correspondence from the creation, revision, approval to final delivery.
  • Full transparency and traceability of every step, while creating and approving your correspondence.
  • Flexible web based HTML 5 correspondence templating engine with RTL Arabic support for generated PDF documents with optional MS Office based templates.
  • HTML 5 mobile client for the eCorrespondence management on the go for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry etc.
  • Highly secured environment supporting both electronic signature and hand written biometric signatures.
  • Built-in great search capabilities for accessing archived documents.
  • Ability to match and track electronic and physical correspondence using barcode or RFID.
  • Standardized BPMN 2.0 workflow for all the approvals and eCorrespondence logistics with integration and automation support.
  • Ready for Email and SMS for notifications and eCorrespondence delivery.
  • Access and authorization policies based on your organizational structure with Active Directory / LDAP synchronization.
  • Detail statistics and reporting available for each steps & letter created.

Out-of-the-Box Benefits:

  • Only web based environment, no need for MS Word to be installed on user’s PC
  • All the templates are HTML 5 based so it is easy to modify them, preview them in web or mobile based clients
  • Each form has defined structure of input fields including with rich editing support that maps directly to corresponding HTML 5 template
  • From the end user perspective all the processing is transparent
  • The standard PDF is generated automatically in the last step of the workflow, if approved.
From End User PerspectiveFrom Admin Perspective
Pick-up the letter type Create the letter Start the approvals & revisions Generate the final PDF document Distribute & Notify the relevant parties Define letter templates Manage workflows Manage users & policies Track & Report

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