Fall 2023 Release: Lite Users, Browsable Profiles & More

Fall 2023 Release

We are back with another batch of fresh new features, exciting updates, and refined enhancements. The Circularo Fall Release is here and we are thrilled to introduce all the news to you in this article.

This time around, we’ve further extended the organization administration section, added new types of Lite users, and made the whole app environment a bit more social with browsable user profiles and clickable icons, among other useful additions.

Here’s what’s new – come take a look!

Organization Administration 

Similar to previous updates, this release brings even more new options for organization admins, allowing them to have more control over different settings and processes happening throughout the organization.

For the first time, it is possible to enforce certain default rules across all members, making them impossible to change on an individual level. 

Set default and non-editable deadlines 

Set an organization-wide default document processing deadline for all requests.

This alone, like most default settings, can be later changed in each individual signing process. That’s why we’re introducing another setting which gives admin the option to make it uniform and unchangeable for all organization members.

Choose default settings for group signing

Organization admins can now choose the default setting for group signatures (Everyone in the group signs vs. one person from the group signs)

Select preferred types of signatures

Admin decides which type of signature (Typed / Drawn / Uploaded) is allowed across the whole organization, ensuring uniformity and compliance. You can enable or disable multiple signature types.

Enforce organization-wide sequential or parallel signing

It is now possible to only allow sequential or parallel signing within the organization, and optionally also remove the option to change the signing order setting individually for each document.

Disable personal profile edits

For increased compliance and security throughout the organization, admin can now bar members from editing certain details in their personal profiles if needed. This ensures that everyone’s profile is filled with correct and company approved information. 

Manage allowed cloud providers

Select which cloud providers can your organization’s members connect their account to. 

New Lite User Roles

We’ve added a new type of user (Lite User / Member Lite) who is only able to perform one basic task and doesn’t have any access to the rest of the Circularo app functionalities.

Lite user license is significantly cheaper (in user-based plans) and there are 3 different types of Lite users to choose from based on their designated tasks:

  • Prepare Only (User can upload and prepare documents for signing, as well as create templates)
  • Sign Only (User can sign documents sent to them but cannot initiate signing processes themselves.)
  • Read Only  (User can only view documents that were shared with them)

More social environment 

Know who you’re working with. We have made it easier to see other members and teams in your organization, browse throuht their profiles, and interact.

Organization members in Contacts

The Contacts section is no longer just a phonebook of external recipients. Users are now able to easily find other members of their organization or teams there and browse their profiles. 

View Profile & Add to Contacts popups

Recipient icons in the signing process are now clickable, making it much easier to know who exactly who you’re signing with. View member profiles or add external recipients to your Contacts easily from there.

Template Lock

Make sure that your eSigning templates are being used in the way you intended. You can now select whether you want other people to make changes to your template during the signature process or not.

“Lock” the template before using it so that other recipients cannot add or remove signature and other fillable fields.

Invite new members in bulk

Organization admin is now able to invite many new members to Circularo at once by uploading a CSV file.

Comb field

We’ve added the Comb field to simplify filling out box forms. You can define the number of boxes (characters) and adjust the field to align with the original form perfectly. 

Field background color

It is now possible to set a custom background color and its opacity for all fields besides signature fields, which comes in handy when processing documents with black or colorful backgrounds. 

Signing processes run on background

If the signing process is taking too long, you can now opt for running it in the background and continue your work in Circularo.

New notifications

  • Invite accepted

Receive a notification when a new member joins your organization

  • Delegation

Receive notifications when someone starts to delegate their documents to you and when the delegation period ends. 

Sharing protections now visible

When viewing the processing progress of a document, you’ll now be able to see whether any protections (password, email, phone verification…) were set upon sharing the document or not. 

Preview mode in signing dialog

During the signing process, it is now possible to switch on “preview mode” that hides the side panel with fields and lets you see the document from the point of view of the recipient.

Automatic removal of signatures when annotating signed documents

When you try to add annotations to an already signed document, the original signature, along with the electronic certificate, will be automatically removed so that the new version of the document could be signed again.

Release announcements

Last but not least, from now on, each time a new version of Circularo is released, all users will receive a quick intro into the updates and changes made directly in the Circularo app.

Mobile updates

Did you know that we have a whole mobile version of the Circularo app for easy eSigning on the go? We have been working hard on it lately and these are the new improvements you can enjoy in the new release.

Fresh look & feel

The Circularo mobile version got a significant visual revamp recently. You can now enjoy a visually pleasant and easily navigable interface on your mobile devices.

Stamps and Delegations now available

We are constantly working on making the mobile app as close as possible to the desktop version.

A major achievement in this release is the addition of Stamps (using a Stamp to sign a document) and Delegations (delegating your document processing responsibilities to someone else) that can be now done on the go, without the need to use the desktop app.

Mobile user activations

New users can now activate their accounts on their phones and start eSigning immediately.