February 2022 Release: Focused on Teamwork

Like in the past several years, the beginning of the year means that a new Circularo release is about to come out soon. And as per usual, the application is receiving some subtle refining and bug fixes, as well as new features and, for the first time ever, a whole new user administration.

In this release, we have mostly focused on promoting and simplifying sharing & collaboration within an organization, which is reflected in the features and capabilities added.

Circularo Business

Circularo Team got a makeover and turned into Circularo Business – the ideal out-of-the-box solution for businesses, organizations, and companies looking for a convenient and fairly priced collaborative solution without the need for overly specific customizations or add-ons. 

In this release, we are introducing many new functionalities tailored for Circularo Business and Enterprise that will make teamwork easier than ever.

These are the main new additions:


Our Business subscription plan (as well as all the other more advanced plans) allows the admin to assign the members of their organization to different teams – this can be for example a team for a certain department or a team of people who have a specific role in the company. 

Shared folders

All members of an organization can now access Shared folders, where they can upload and store materials for company-wide use. Everything uploaded to Shared folders is automatically accessible to you as well as your coworkers.

The access rights to each Shared folder or document can then be adjusted for specific individuals or teams to ensure that only authorized people and departments can access certain files. 

Organization-level templates

The new Business subscription plan also introduces organization-level templates. Everyone can now create and distribute eSinging templates to the whole company or specific teams and give them the right to edit if necessary.

Sharing contacts

Your personal contacts can now be shared just like documents, folders, or templates across members or entire teams with a simple click.

But that’s not all…

Apart from team-oriented features, there are, of course, many other new additions in the app.

New User Management

From now on, all Circularo plans come with simplified user management. As the Administrator, you can invite, manage, and delete members, adjust default settings for everyone in your organization, and allow or ban certain features as per your company policy. 

User administration

Scheduled reminders 

It is now possible to schedule reminders to be automatically sent to anyone who has pending documents waiting for them to sign. The day on which the reminders start, as well as the time interval between two reminders, can be customized. 

Schedule automatic reminders sent every X days to people who have documents pending.

Automatic reminders can be turned on and off for the entire organization as well as for individual documents.

Group signing

In the signing process, we have added the option to address multiple people from both within and outside of your organization, who will all receive the document at the same time.

You can then select whether all recipients have to sign the document, or if it is enough when only one person from the selected group signs to continue or conclude the processing of said document.

Group signing – choose whether everyone has to sign or not.

One click backup

No data lock-in. The option to back up and download your documents and data stored in Circularo has been added and all it takes is one click. 

Your data belongs to you – download it anytime.

Transferring document ownership

When deleting a user from your organization permanently, all documents assigned to them can now be transferred to another user who can take on the deleted member’s responsibilities.

Documents are not lost with deleted users – they can be trasfered to someone else, as well as the signing responsibilities.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the availability of each feature depends on your subscription plan. If you are missing features you’re interested in or wish to upgrade your plan, kindly contact our sales team.

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