January 2021 Release: Annotations, Template Management, Cloud Storage Integrations, and More

fireworks welcoming the new year

A new year is here and we are kicking it off the right way – by adding numerous new features, updates, and improvements to Circularo to make the eSigning experience even more convenient and easier for our clients, partners, and users.

Let’s have a look at what’s new in Circularo. Here are the most important recent additions to the platform that come with the new release.

Template management

We bring you a new Template section where you can create, organize, and categorize all your PDF eSigning templates, along with brand new MS Word templates.

Circularo template management
Categorize your eSigning templates

Create your own template library – the one place where you can find all the templates you have created, along with custom templates and forms prepared by your organization’s admin.

New Template library to help you better organize all of your templates

Most importantly, you decide whether you only want to reuse the template fields and workflow definitions, or the content of the template itself. Any time you use a template, you can choose to either edit its content first, upload a different document to use the template with, or start the signing process right away.

Sign multiple documents at once

Merge documents to be able to sign multiple documents in one transaction. Also, from now on you can upload and download multiple documents at once, separately or merged into a single PDF file.

After signing, you can use one of the new, upgraded download options. 

Download each partial document within the merged PDF file separately, or the merged document as a whole. You also have the choice to include the document’s audit trail. 

Email Attachment and Preview 

Attach and preview your email conversations from Outlook or Gmail (.eml or .msg format) as an attachment to any document to be able to see the related email communication while signing a document. 

Third-party cloud storage integrations

You can now easily import documents from your cloud-based drives directly to Circularo, or export them from Circularo to your cloud of choice with a few simple clicks. 

At the moment Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox integrations are supported with more coming soon. You can easily enable or disable them in your settings.

Import documents from your cloud drive of choice into Circularo
Export your documents from Circularo to cloud service.

New and improved annotations

Document rejection with annotations

We’ve added a new “Reject with annotations” option on top of the already existing “Reject with comments” for you to be able to point out the reasons for the rejection directly in the document and suggest improvements.

Annotation in the rejection step must be allowed by the document’s creator in the first place – this can be done when defining the signing order.

Annotations in document preview

Circularo Business got a completely new additional feature – the ability to annotate a document in its preview mode. You have the ability to add text, highlight any text in the document, or draw shapes and lines during the document preview.

This feature is useful and time-saving for the participants of the document’s creation and signing process, since they are now able to communicate their suggestions and objections to each other clearly, easily, and without having to reject the document first.

Different annotation options become visible upon clicking on Annotations on the bottom of the page.‌

PDF annotations

There are many customization options available when adding annotations such as font, color, or text alignment.

Many other improvements and optimizations

What didn’t fit into this blog post but is handy and important nevertheless.

  • Text/Code document type preview updated – More friendly design
  • Remember last used configuration for signing components (size, color, etc.) for user
  • Default configuration of signing components (size, color, etc.) in settings
  • Additional configuration options for signing components
    • Number of lines for annotations (auto, exact number of lines)
  • Automatic correction of images based on their exif information (esp. for iOS devices)
  • Language selection on the login page and other public pages
  • Email notifications templates per groups
  • Large attachments in email are now sent as links (configurable limit in settings)
  • Multi-factor login authentication (SMS)

Please note that some features are only available in particular Circularo editions.