Company News

PALAXO is becoming the first ELASTIC Partner in the MENA!

We are very proud to become the first ELASTIC partner in the region. ELASTIC is the company behind the three open source projects — Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana — designed to take data from any source and search, analyze, and visualize it in real time, helping people make sense of data.

We have been working with ElasticSearch technology stack for more than 3 years now. Besides that ElasticSearch is our core NoSQL and indexing engine that we are using in our CIRCULARO platform. So to engage in this strategic partnership with Elastic was natural choice.

Moreover we at PALAXO have been always dedicated to innovative {SMALL or BIG} data driven solutions where open source technologies have always been the best fit. And of course we all believe that getting immediate, actionable insight from data really matters.

We will be working closely with Elastic team to further develop and expand the ElasticSearch opportunities in the region. Our certified engineers are ready to engage in any ElasticSearch related project and to share our experience. Recently we have introduce our Web Scanning Experience Management Platform (WSEM) that makes the web scanning & archiving really easy and again ElasticSearch is the key component behind all the metadata indexing flexibility and search magic that is happening behind the scenes.