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PALAXO is further expanding its cooperation with PFU Fujitsu team in the MENA

PALAXO team participated in PFU Fujitsu Middle East ISV Day on  September 30th 2015 in DUBAI

The IT Market is rapidly changing: The ever increasing use of cloud based solutions, the decreasing use of traditional hardware tools and increasing volumes of data to be managed and processed to name a few. But IT users have one central requirement: “Whatever IT systems have been deployed, maximum efficiency must be achieved to realise the company’s objectives in an integrated, harmonious environment”. This requirement is easily defined, however, difficult to achieve. One of the issues organisations face is how to incorporate an antiquated, heavily used media for information distribution (Paper) into a start-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

To be able to address those challenges PALAXO has become member of  Fujitsu ISV Partner Assist Program: Through this new program PFU Fujitsu, the award winning, world leading document scanner provider, will assist PALAXO to breakdown the “Paper Barrier” and allow organisations to seamlessly enjoy document scanning enabled solutions through their preferred software. This program has been developed to address all aspects of adopting document scanning into different software solutions and overall business approach/strategy. Fujitsu  offers the software development tools, documentation and testing units, supported by a first class, dedicated software team. PALAXO is providing the innovative solutions and services in the field of Information Management and Analytics, where ability to effectively manage the digitalization part of the “physical information assets” is important part of the big picture

Josef Neumann, Managing Director of PALAXO believes that the flexibility and the speed of applying ICT innovations in today’s highly competitive market is the key to success.

“The ability to develop end-to-end web scanning experience workflow and to integrate that easily to existing infrastructures and 3rd party applications is what we are aiming for.”