Product Updates

PxStack launched in Dubai, powered by Alibaba Cloud


This year thanks to Alibaba Cloud in Dubai and in cooperation with Canon Middle East during Gitex 2018 we launched PxStack fully hosted set of paperless applications and online services based on Circularo™ platform.

Circularo Presentation on Gitex 2018

We see a lot of growing interests for paperless solutions especially here in the UAE and the customers are looking for cost effective and ready to use solutions to meet their needs.

That’s why we are introducing set of preconfigured apps and online service where every organization can easily build their own business Paperless Xperience using PxStack. From simple archiving and sharing, electronic signing,  digitization to business approvals and request management up to fully hosted eCorrespondence solutions.

As all the data stays in Dubai PxStack meets all the local regulatory, compliance and security requirements.  Besides that it delivers better performance and user experience for everyone accessing the PxStack apps within the MENA region and especially within the UAE.

PxStack apps are available as per user packs starting from 20 users and are virtually packed with all the goodies that we have been working on for last 5 years as part of our Circularo platform. (powerful full text search, MS Office 365 online integration, secure sharing, versioning, PDF level security, PDF templating, web scanning, eSigning etc.)

Part of the PxStack proposition  is our commitment to provide custom archiving or eCorrespondence templates, e-forms and workflows as per the client requirements. Those and many other add-ons and extended services can be ordered any time.

So let’s build Paperless Xperience with PxStack together.