Spring 2024 Release: Numeric Fields, Custom Recipient Settings & More

Spring 2024 Release: Numeric Fields, Custom Recipient Settings & More

We are excited to bring to you our latest release, packed with innovative features, sleek updates, and enhanced functionalities. The Spring Launch of our app brings refreshing new branding, mobile app improvements, and several exciting add-ons that we’re eager to share with you.

This release introduces new numeric fields, giving you more precision and flexibility. We’ve also made significant updates to our mobile app, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive user experience. Additionally, you can now enjoy custom recipient settings, allowing for more personalized interactions.

Dive into our latest enhancements and discover how they can elevate your Circularo experience!

Enhanced Branding & Design

You may notice new colors, icons, and subtle changes in the layout, among other visual improvements.

New Fillable Fields

Several fields have been added to the field selection – Number, Currency and Percentage.

These new numeric fields are useful especially when preparing number-heavy documents for multiple other recipients to ensure uniformity across all data in the final PDF.

They come with a specific set of new settings, including setting the minimal or maximal value (recipients will only be able to add numbers within the selected range), choosing a currency symbol and its position, visually separating thousands (100,000 or 100 000 instead of 100000), and enabling or disabling decimals.

New Fillable Fields

Custom Masking

For fields that require a very specific format (such as ID numbers, bank account numbers, etc.), there is now an option to add a custom mask to a text field, specifying the exact desired layout and distribution of alphabetic, numeric, and other characters.

How does it work? Let’s say passport number is N 00144521. The sender can specify that the 1st character is supposed to be a letter, followed by a space and 8 numbers, and create an example to let the recipient know how to fill the field correctly.

Field Reassignment

Sometimes a small tweak in the app can result in huge improvement in the user experience. There is now an option to easily change the recipient assigned to a field or a group of fields in the field settings panel.

This is crucial especially when using the Automatic Field Recognition feature, as multiple automatically recognized fields can now be selected at once and assigned to the correct recipient in a few clicks.

Individual Recipient Settings

We’re excited to introduce a fully customizable signing experience! Senders can now select individual parameters for each recipient during the Review & Send step of the signing process.

Settings that can be customized include:

  • Custom verification – each recipient can verify their identity via a different method
  • Custom deadline – the processing deadline can differ based on every recipient’s availability
  • Custom reminders – the frequency of automatically sent reminders can be set based on individual needs
  • Custom permissions – grant permissions for various actions such as download, print, annotations, or delegation
  • Private message – write a personalized message for each of the participants
  • Custom language – select everyone’s preferred notification language to prevent misunderstandings

Previously, all of these settings were available but they were always the same for all recipients (for example: everyone had to verify via Google, received reminders every 3 days & got the same message from the sender).

This collective setting option still exists in addition to the custom settings, providing versatility in managing different types of documents and recipient groups.

Individual Recipient Settings

Capture signature with mobile device

We’ve added the option to quickly create a signature with a portable device and immediately transfer it to your PC during the signing process.

When signing a document on a desktop, scan a QR code with a mobile device to draw a signature using your hand or stylus or scan a written signature on paper with the phone camera.

The signature will then appear in your desktop version and can be used immediately.

QR Code Signature

Public and Internal comments

When commenting on documents, you can now adjust the privacy of your comments to ensure that sensitive information stays within the organization.

Public comments are visible to external recipients (people outside of the organization) if the document is shared with them.

Internal comments are always only visible to members of your organization in Circularo.

Comments on documents you don’t publish immediately will stay now also drafted in the comment box until you end your session, making sure you won’t lose your progress no matter what unexpected event may occur.

Public and Internal comments

Hide Signatory IPs and Locations

To further protect user privacy, Circularo now allows you to hide IP addresses and locations in public records, such as Audit Trails or the Verification Page. This feature can be configured as part of your organization’s settings, providing flexibility to adhere to your privacy standards.

By enabling this option, sensitive location data will not be displayed, ensuring that user privacy is maintained without compromising the integrity of your document management processes.

New Mobile Version

Significant updates and enhancements were made to the Mobile version of Circularo as well, with many new features and even better user experience.

New Mobile Version

Signature Option Switch

Available as an extra add-on for clients with the Circularo Enterprise subscription plan

Circularo now offers even more flexibility in choosing how documents are signed. During the signing session, you can select your preferred signature provider: Circularo (us) or a third-party provider like UAE Pass.

Additionally, you can choose the digital signature method that best suits your needs:

  • Composite Signature: Utilizes one common electronic certificate per signed document.
  • Individual Signature: Applies an electronic certificate for each signing event.

Find out more about Composite and Individual signing methods in this detailed article.

Quick Document Processing

Available as an extra add-on for clients with the Circularo Enterprise subscription plan

We’ve added a Quick Sign (Approve, Accept, Review…) button for documents in the “Assigned to me” category. By clicking this button, you will instantly perform the action without having to open the document. Multiple documents can then be selected and quick-processed all at once.

This feature is an incredible timesaver for users who need to sign a large amount of already pre-approved documents daily, typically people in top-level management roles.