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Staying in business amid the Covid-19 pandemic: sign your contracts online.

Why we need tools like Circularo now more than ever

Being able to do simple daily tasks online has never been so important. 

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live our lives, do our jobs, and run our businesses over the course of the year of 2020. And when a simple handshake can result in contracting a potentially deadly disease, the option to sign an agreement remotely from the comfort of your home in a way that is easy, secure, legally-binding, and easily verifiable, is an absolute gamechanger.

Better solution than a handshake

To help preserve business continuity and keep your daily operations running unscathed in these uncertain, isolated times, Circularo provides companies with a platform to sign, share, organize, and store all the important documentation online. That way, everyone can manage their contracts and documents without having to meet up face-to-face with a single soul. 

The way we work has changed a lot over the last couple of months, and the focus has shifted towards making as many things human interaction-free as possible. The act of signing important documents typically requires people to meet up and sign the contract together or, if the former is not viable, relies on using a combination of e-mail, scan, and mail to get it done, which often results in turning a simple task into a sometimes multiple weeks-long process with no guarantee that the content of the documents won’t be tampered with or misappropriated by a third party.

Signing agreements made remote and kept easy

Circularo eliminates all the inconveniences and threats at the same time, keeping the signing process simple while also making it remote and secure. All steps of the process are performed online within the easy-to-navigate Circularo platform, including the eSignature — an equally valid counterpart to the old-school, pen-on-paper signature. 

On top of that, anyone can verify the authenticity and integrity of signed agreements through a unique DocID, so all signatories can be sure that the documents are protected against both inside and outside manipulation. And at no point in the process is any of the participating parties required to come into close proximity with other people, be it the other signatories or the mailman. Circularo keeps both you and your documents safe. 

Document management for the “new normal”

Although being able to electronically sign all your documents is especially useful now when so many of us are working from home, Circularo is much more than just eSigning. It’s an online space where you can draft agreements, approve or request the approval of important documents before they’re signed, sign contracts alone or with other people, set deadlines and expiration dates, securely store, manage, and categorize all the significant documentation, and the product is constantly evolving and improving to answer it’s users’ needs. 

Simply put, Circularo is a modern, useful tool designed to make business easier and daily tasks more simple. Any company can benefit from using it especially now as we are entering the “new normal”, where the way we do things is rapidly changing and work is steadily shifting from the “real world” to the internet.

Stay safe and keep your important papers safe, too.