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Tailored MBIS for the next generation command & control centre environments

Why MBIS plays crucial role in the new generation of Web & Social Intelligence initiatives?

During the Intersec exhibition in Dubai, PALAXO together with EyeVisual introduced tailored MBIS (Mobile Boxed Intelligence Solution) for the next generation Command & Control Centre environments.

We see emerging trend in the next generation of Command & Control Centres as the central knowledge and insight HUB for the ever increasing Web & Social Intelligence needs.

Our unique MBIS approach combines years of experience and expertise from mobile data centres, together with secured data storage, processing and advanced analytics in private cloud based enclosures with state of the art cutting edge visual solutions from


MBIS Summary


  • Self-Contained Resilient Mobile Data Centre Container
  • Self-Contained Secured Flexible Cloud Based Infrastructure
  • Pre-Configured Embedded SW Stack for Information Intelligence & Surveillance
  • Fully Integrated Self-Managed Security & Surveillance Shield

MBIS can be also pre-loaded with intelligence systems with advanced capabilities in analysis and knowledge management, visual intelligence, and electronic warfare, which not only deliver early warnings and alerts, but also provide insight into incident prevention.

MBIS is solid, secured and scalable data storage, processing and analytical platform suitable for ever increasing Big Data needs including the Web & Social Intelligence Domain.

For us the Web & Social Intelligence is the art of leveraging, correlating and combining the vast amount of individually generated data from both external and internal sources, public and private repositories in order to get new actionable insight for particular domain of interest.