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Use Your Own E-mail Identity When Requesting Signatures From Others

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E-mail notifications and their design or technicalities might be the last thing anyone thinks of when choosing an eSigning solution for their business. But it is the little details that help companies build a strong brand and establish business relationships that are rooted in transparency and trust. 

How many e-mails land in your inbox weekly? If you are an average user, probably a few. Distinguishing the important ones from the ones that aren’t worth opening can be annoying and time-consuming. 

Luckily, Circularo lets its users send important e-mails under their own identity and company domain, which makes them stand out as a legitimate and proper means of communication. 

How is Circularo different from others? 

An e-mail request to sign a document usually comes from the eSigning company’s domain with no client customization whatsoever.

This approach has many severe shortcomings, such as:  

  • These e-mails are typically sent automatically as one-size-fits-all and are lacking personal approach.
  • They are usually no-reply so the recipient has no way of contacting the sender directly.
  • They might get flagged down as junk mail by the e-mail algorithm and end up in spam.
  • Even if the recipients get the e-mail, they might be suspicious as they may not recognize or trust the unknown 3rd party sender (they expect the contract for the signature to be sent from the vendor they communicate with). This might make them ignore an important e-mail altogether.
  • The user requesting a signature via e-mail is not able to find the e-mail request in their Sent folder or archive it as per their organization e-mail archiving or retention policy, since that e-mail has not been sent by the company mail system at all.
  • The content and design of the e-mail are typically promoting the brand of the eSigning vendor instead of the company which actually paid for that service.

Circularo not only allows customers to fully design the layout and content of their e-mail notifications, but it also enables them to send e-mails under their own e-mail identity from their own corporate domain. This can be further customized, be it as one company-wide identity or the e-mail addresses of their employees.

Custom E-mail Identity
Custom E-mail Identity

Main benefits of using Circularo custom e-mails

  • Tracking and organization – you are the actual sender of the e-mail which makes it easy for you to find it in your Sent folder and manage it from there
  • Marketing space – you can properly present and advertise your company in both the domain and the body of the e-mail
  • Easy communication – recipients can easily reply to the e-mail notification and you will receive their replies in your own inbox
  • Trusted source – by seeing a name and/or a corporate e-mail address attached to the notification, recipients know immediately who is messaging them and are less likely to dismiss the e-mail as spam

How does everyone benefit from customized e-mail notifications?

Large, well-known institutions such as big corporations or banks, benefit from custom e-mails mainly for security and trust reasons. 

Online scams are widespread and we all have received at least one fake PayPal e-mail training to trick us. As a result, most people do not open unexpected e-mails that aren’t coming from a known source and any such mail is likely to end up unread in the spam folder. Being able to send trusted e-mails that seriously represent the sender is, therefore, crucial.

Circularo custom e-mails can also be easily tracked, managed, and archived by the company’s own corporate e-mail system, as opposed to no-reply 3rd party automated communication.  

Smaller private businesses can, on the other hand, utilize the ability to send customized e-mail notifications from their own domain for marketing purposes to further raise their brand awareness and to build and maintain closer, more personal relationships with their clients. 

At the end of the day, no matter who you are or how large your business is, it is always better for the recipient to receive a signature request from a person that they just talked to on the phone the other day than from a robot representing an e-sign company they’ve never heard of. 

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