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We Speak Your Language – Discover Circularo’s Right-to-Left User Experience

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Any app or software can be translated into another language – that’s nothing new. But many things can get lost in translation and the speakers of languages that are read from right to left (the most widespread one of those being Arabic) often get the short end of the stick in the online world. Oftentimes, even if their language is supported, the user interface is still designed with the convenience of the common left-to-right (LTR) reader in mind. 

We bring you a truly multilingual system

Even most of the well-known big players in the IT industry are struggling when it comes to right-to-left (RTL) user experience. The reason? To have a truly multilingual user interface, the software needs to be designed that way from the very beginning. The most common practice is, however, incorporating more languages over time based on business decisions to enter new markets. And still, language and cultural context rarely get the attention they deserve. In many cases, to have a fully Arabized RTL UI is mission impossible, as it would require for the software to be redesigned from scratch. 

Circularo has been designed and developed as a truly multilingual platform. It comes to its customers fully localized for Arabic (and any other language, too) from the getgo – not only it is available in both right-to-left and left-to-right written languages and can be switched from one to another at any time, but its user interface will automatically change and flip for the convenience of the speaker of any given language. 

How Circularo localization benefits our customers?

  • As an administrator, you can choose which and any languages you want Circularo to be available in for your employees. Users will then be able to switch between those freely. A great solution for companies based in multiple countries.
  • You can also change any label in the app to a custom one for it to better reflect the environment in your company, be it perhaps a dialect spoken among your employees or internally agreed on labels. 
  • We are fully Arabized and users who choose a right-to-left written language can enjoy a mirrored RTL layout that feels natural and caters to them. They can also switch between RTL and LTR anytime, as these two interfaces are completely equal in functionality.
  • Bilingual? No problem. Users can write annotations in LTR (e.g. English), RTL (e.g. Arabic), or even combine the two writings in the very same note.

Tearing down the language barrier

Signing documents between people who don’t speak the same language has now been made super easy. The document layout, as well as labels, annotations, and signing fields, will appear for each signatory in their own language, so everyone knows what exactly they should fill in and how. 

This is especially useful for multinational companies with employees and clients all over the world. Circularo’s multilingual setting is made to bring everyone to the same page, regardless of their nationality, language dispositions, or cultural background.

Circularo users also automatically receive email notifications in their preferred language, regardless of the language set by the sender. Users can even set a language preference for an external recipient when sharing a document with someone who is not registered on Circularo.

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