Agreement Management Solution

Agreement Management Solution

Utilize flexible workflows to draft, craft, approve, and finalize agreements and manage your digital lifecycle effectively.

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Bring people together

Bring people together

Agreement spaces enable people involved in forging or managing agreements to securely collect, manage, share, and exchange documents and collaborate - within or outside of their organization - so that they can sign and execute agreements. 

Turn talk into action

Turn talk into action

The simpler, smoother and faster your agreement management tools are, the easier it is for your employees, customers, and other stakeholders to get aligned and make things happen.

Trusted sharing and guaranteed delivery

Manage the lifecycle

Benefit from Complete Contract Lifecycle Management, enjoy a transparent view of every step of the process the ability to manage your contracts and agreements throughout their existence - from contract creation to contract performance. 

...and much more


Reduce your contract turnaround times by more than 60% with improved standardization and faster approval cycles.


Reduce business risks by implementing standards and policies that govern contract use.

Secure sharing

Share & sign documents safely with Circularo users or external recipients.

Digital signatures

Add secure, trustworthy, and verifiable eSignatures to your contracts.

3-th Party Integrations

Third-party integrations

Integrate Circularo with other solutions you use daily to save time and simplify your document processing routines.

Frequently Asked Questions

You get a complete overview of all changes happening to all contracts in real time. Comment on and annotate agreement drafts and and manage their different versions.

Yes, verify the authenticity and validity of any agreement any time using tools available online.

It is possible to use Drag&Drop to upload scans, images files, PDF's, MS documents, e-forms and many other types of files.

Yes, have all the agreements and documents in one place - easy to view, easy to find.

Create folders to sort your agreements into, add tags and labels, star the most important documents for clarity and even easier search.

Way more than eSignatures.

Prepare, sign, track and organise your agreements online in hours not days.

ISO 27001 & ISO 9001

ISO 27001/ISO 9001
Information Security and Quality Management

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance
General Data Protection Regulation

SOC 2 Type II

SOC 2 Type I Certification
System and Organisation Controls
Type I


eIDAS Ready Electronic Identification and Trust Services