The Circularo Manifesto


We liberate.

Our vision is to liberate people, businesses, institutions and Governments from the sticky habit of printing out agreements and workflow documents in order to sign them, stamp them, fill them in or otherwise formally notate them with pen-and-ink.

We provide practical pathways to unshackle these organisations from their cumbersome paper-based ways using secure, legally binding and frictionless digital systems


Less friction. More Action.

Our services and solutions enable users to create, use and organise digital documents swiftly, smoothly and securely on any device, anytime, anywhere.


Far-Reaching Impact.

Our ambition extends well beyond digital transformation. Our services and solutions help:

• Boost business productivity;
• Improve public sector services;
• Modernise brand experiences;
• Lower environmental footprints and
• Lessen the hassle of paperwork in our lives.



At heart, we are digital innovators. The star we steer by is our customers’ best interests because our most significant sales-force is outspoken customer-advocates.

We recognise that there are two ways to build long term customer relationships. One way is with contracts and features that form barriers to defection. The other is by delighting customers with exceptional user-experiences. We choose the latter


Scale with Sensitivity.

International from day one, we believe that the best multinationals lean less on dominance-through-scale and more on a genuine empathy with the World’s diverse cultures, habits, practices, laws and languages.


More Choice.

Choice and flexibility are signature design-points for our solutions and services.

We are data-centre agnostic, for example, so that our customers can deploy via the cloud to servers operated by their preferred provider, in their preferred location.


More than a Name.

Circularo is more than a name.

It represents the benefits of migrating from clunky pen-and-paper systems to frictionless digital systems that make it easier to form contracts, endorse information or authorise action, even when different stakeholders are on different devices in different locations.

Circularo matters because systems that replace inertia with action will unlock progress and prosperity for us all.


Verified. Approved. Actioned.

The Circularo Manifesto is verified, approved and actioned - digitally, legally and securely - by
Circularo Team