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Agreements, forms, or approvals are almost universally needed across various industries and departments. Let’s make these tasks less stressful for everyone.



Finance & Operations

Circularo can aid with securing transactions and minimizing fraud risk. Our customers in the financial sector have also reduced document error rates by up to 90%.

Contractor Agreements
Capex Approvals
Service Agreements
Engagement Letters
Cash Vouchers


Our HR solutions accelerate onboarding and provide complete insight into the status of every document with full custom branding to create a strong first impression.

Offer Letters
Employee NDA Agreements
New Employee Onboarding
Part-Time Contracts
Employee Exit Processing

IT Operations & Support

Circularo enables IT operations to be faster, simpler and more cost-efficient, from asset tracking and policy management to production change authorization.

Service Level Agreements
Incident Resolution Report
Change Requests
Order Fulfillment
Maintenance Authorization


With Circularo, sales departments can achieve higher close rates, reduce time to revenue, automate sales processes and improve sales agents’ efficiency.

Commission Agreements
Wholesaler Agreements
Partner Agreements
Retailer Agreements
Business Terms & Conditions


Circularo improves completion and management of supplier contracts, including online invoices, licenses, and certifications, as well as the overall contracting process.

Purchase Orders
Proposals & Bids
Vendor Contracts
Master Service Agreement
Farewell ink and paper

Farewell ink and paper. Hello digital sign-offs.

As the industry leader in the GCC, we’ve spent a decade delivering innovative services to organizations, helping agreements to be reached and making the world a more agreeable place.

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Georges Akl
Georges Akl
Business Developer at Canon

Great platform that makes it really easy to create and sign any documents online and so much more.

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