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Simplify and accelerate the process of reaching agreements with our
straightforward, secure, legally binding digital signatures.

Trusted by the leaders across industries
User friendly esigning

Easily sign your documents online

Upgrade from traditional pen and paper to eSignatures & save lots of time and effort that can be directed elsewhere.

Circularo’s seamless ease of use speeds up, simplifies, and modernizes the whole process of making agreements.

Second to none security

Prevent fraud and ensure authenticity

Verify the integrity and authenticity of each document or signature easily by using widely available powerful online tools.

Digitally signed documents are securely sealed and cannot be tampered with - crucial for building trust among signatories.

All-in-one solution

From start to finish

Apart from eSigning, Circularo can help with contract drafting, editing, and approvals, as well as document management and storage after signing.

The app gives a clear overview of which stage each document is in and what needs to be done next.

And much more

MS Office 365 online

Create MS Office documents in Circularo and sign them right away.


Design reusable eSigning templates to make your future work easier.

Secure sharing

Share & sign documents safely with Circularo users or external recipients.

Activity tracking

Stay informed about who’s doing what with each document.

Integration and rest api

Third-party integrations

REST APIMicrosoftAutodeskDropboxGoogle

Benefit from out-of-the-box Circularo integrations with systems you use daily to save time and simplify your document processing routines. Create your own custom integrations thanks to our REST API.

Promote and protect your brand & identity

Promote and protect your brand & identity

Use Circularo with your own domain, email identity, and branding, or as a completely white-label product that fully caters to your brand. Suitable for small and medium companies as well as large multinational corporations.

eSigning leader in the GCC

eSigning leader in the GCC

We’ve spent almost a decade delivering innovative services to the largest organizations as well as medium-sized businesses, and helped to reach a multitude of gamechanging agreements.

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Are Circularo eSignatures secure?

Yes. Our solution is compliant with the world’s most rigorous security standards. We are both ISO 27001 and SOC2 certified and all data is encrypted.

Can I sign documents with people who aren’t Circularo users?
Are digital signatures legally binding?
Can Circularo be trusted?
Are you able to protect sensitive information?
Can I track document changes?
Can I add an extra level of security?
Is it possible to share documents outside of my organization?
Is it possible to verify a document's authenticity?
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Georges Akl
Georges Akl
Business Developer at Canon

Great platform that makes it really easy to create and sign any documents online and so much more.

Farewell ink and paper

Farewell ink and paper. Hello digital sign-offs.

As the industry leader in the GCC, we’ve spent a decade delivering innovative services to organizations, helping agreements to be reached and making the world a more agreeable place.

ISO 27001/ISO 9001
Information Security and Quality

GDPR Compliance
General Data Protection

SOC 2 Type I Certification
System and Organization Controls

eIDAS Certified Electronic
Identification and Trust Services

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