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Circularo is ideal for a wide range of essential banking and finance documentation from account opening to trade confirmations and beyond.

New Account Opening Form
Application form for a loan
FATCA Self Declaration Form
Cardholder Request Form
Tax Residency Self Certification (CRS)

Real Estate & Property Management

Real estate agents and property managers use Circularo to process contracts instantly by having clients eSign documents from any device, anywhere.

Tenancy Application Form
Property Maintenance Request
Commercial Lease
Contract Residential House & Land
Entry Notifications

Developers & Construction

Circularo can be effectively deployed to assist town planners and builders to manage stakeholders, approval processes, and continuous inspections.

Building Specifications
Construction Contract
Progress Report
Inspections & Quality Control
Construction Proposal


Education sector employees and students utilize Circularo to sign various documents with maximum legal guarantee, anywhere, anytime.

Class Enrollment Forms
Leaving Certificate
Parent Consent Form
Study Certificate
Student Consent Forms


Circularo makes collecting patient healthcare information easy and secure incorporating HIPAA privacy best practice.

New Patient Registration Form
HIPAA Medical Release Form
Emergency Contact Form
Medical Insurance Application
Patient Release Form


Circularo offers a range of innovative solutions for hospitality, designed to enhance the customer experience with improved check-ins, check-outs, or guest reservations.

Guest Registration
Guest Check-Out
Petty Cash Voucher Form
Capex Approval Form
Contract Approval Request


End-to-end paperless solutions for the insurance sector improve workflows and contract turnaround time while reducing time spent preparing documents.

New Policy Applications
Account Change Forms
Claims First Notice Of Loss
Insurance Application
Policy Cancellation Authorization


We’ve helped governments worldwide to minimize overhead costs of wet signatures, scanning, and printing while maintaining the institutional processes and standards.

Notification Letters
Nomination Forms
Approval Request Forms

Accounting and Tax

Circularo enables accountants to interact with their clients quickly and efficiently. Customized uploading, sharing, and approvals encourage client engagement.

Accounting Reports
Tax Registration Forms
Client Consent Forms
Confidentiality Agreements
Tax Declaration Forms
Farewell ink and paper

Farewell ink and paper. Hello digital sign-offs.

As the industry leader in the GCC, we’ve spent a decade delivering innovative services to organizations, helping agreements to be reached and making the world a more agreeable place.

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Georges Akl
Georges Akl
Business Developer at Canon

Great platform that makes it really easy to create and sign any documents online and so much more.

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