Circularo Add-On & Customisations Guide

This Circularo Add-On & Customisations Guide (“Guide”) describes in greater detail the Add-Ons and Customisations that you can purchase to enhance your Circularo experience. 

About this Guide 

This document does not replace any Circularo terms and conditions, or any legal agreement in place with Circularo Europe s.r.o. Na Folimance 2155/15, Vinohrady, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic (“Circularo”, “Us”, “We”) and you. 

By completing the purchase of any Add-On and/or Customisation on Circularo's standard terms you accept the description of the Add-Ons and Customisation in this Guide. Capitalised terms in this Guide have the meaning given in the Special Terms, unless otherwise specified. This document can be updated at any time. 

What are Add-Ons? 

Add-ons are non-customizable solutions that enhance your Circularo subscription and are purchased as a standalone addition to your subscription. Add-Ons can be used at any time during a Subscription and throughout the entire Subscription period, often requiring only one-time installation or activation. When your subscription renews, you will also need to renew your Add-On. 

All Add-Ons are available on an annual basis and expire at the end of the relevant Subscription Period. You can purchase Add-Ons directly from us or through authorised Circularo resellers. 

Available Add-Ons

Pro Edition

Additional User Storage (50GB)

An additional 50GB of storage per Regular User. This includes storage for automated backups of a Regular User's Circularo environment. Additional storage cannot be split among other Regular or Lite Users, and will be measured against a nominated Regular Users account. 

Team Edition

Additional Organization Storage (100GB)

An additional 100GB of storage available to all of a Customer's Regular and Lite Users (ie. a Customer's entire organization), including data backups. Additional storage cannot be allocated or reserved to specific users and will be measured by Circularo server-side analytics. 

Custom Branding

Personalization of logos and color-schemes in the standard Circularo web interface, as well as the logo and colours of standard email notifications sent through the Circularo platform. While you can change the 'look and feel' of their Circularo interface, this Add-On does not allow you to modify the text of their Circularo interface or standard email notifications. This Add-on is available to all of your Regular and Lite Users (ie.  your entire organization). 

Custom Email Identity

Send email notifications and requests to sign documents from Circularo  using your own mail servers and your email domain (eg. This Add-on is available to all of your Regular and Lite Users (ie. your entire organization). 

Unique Organizational EC

Use of your own unique Adobe Approved Trusted List (AATL) electronic certificate issued by Circularo in collaboration with internationally recognized and trusted Certification Authority for all of your users (i.e. organization-wide). This Add-On allows you to replace the standard Circularo electronic certificate with your own valid electronic certificate, although external recipients / signatories will continue to use the default Circularo certificate. This Add-on is available to all of your Regular and Lite Users (ie. your entire organization). 

Unique User EC

Use of your own Adobe Approved Trusted List (AATL) unique electronic certificate issued by Circularo in collaboration with internationally recognized and trusted Certification Authority for one Regular User (i.e. per Regular User) .This Add-On allows you to replace the standard Circularo electronic certificate with a Regular Users’s own valid electronic certificate. 

Circularo Trusted and Qualified TSA (1000 time stamps)

Adds a certified time stamp to nominated transactions using a protocol administered by the i.CA, a stamping authority within the eIDAS framework. Each digitally signed document is stamped in Circularo through a RFC3161 compliant Time Stamp Authority (TSA) server, in accordance with the RFC 5816 standards. This Add-on is priced per per 1000 time stamps per year, and is available to all of your Regular and Lite Users (ie. your entire organization). 

UAE PASS Verification

Use of the UAE Pass for Circularo user authentication. External signatories can be also verified using their UAE Pass credentials while signing the documents. Users are responsible for ensuring the validity of their UAE Pass credentials and complying with all UAE Pass requirements, and all terms and conditions of the UAE Pass service. This Add-on is available to all of your Regular and Lite Users (ie. your entire organization). 

External User OTP SMS 2FA

Use two-factor authentication (2FA) and one-time passwords (OTP) through SMS notifications in order to authenticate Circularo users or to verify the identity of external recipients. 2FA/OTP codes are sent from Circularo via SMS to a person for viewing and signing a document in order to verify the identity of the external party. This Add-On also provides 2FA/OTP through SMS notifications for Regular and Lite Users as part of the Circularo login process.  Strong 2FA based on Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) and Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH) is a standard part of Circularo. This Add-on is available to all of your Regular and Lite Users (ie. your entire organization). 

Enterprise Edition 

All the Add-Ons available for the Team Edition are available in the Enterprise Edition, as well as the following: 

Custom Domain

Add the ability to access Circularo from a custom domain (e.g 

Azure Cloud Dedicated Tenant

Use a dedicated Circularo tenant in MS Azure Cloud that supports all of your Circularo Configurations and automations, with a capacity of up to  400 Regular Users. This Add-on is available on an annual basis for all of your Regular and Lite Users (ie. your entire organization). 

What are customisations? 

Customisations are additional Circularo configurations that enhance your Circularo Subscription to deliver tailored solutions to your organization. Customisations require us to spend more time preparing Circularo for your needs and are delivered as customised services that are purchased as standalone services. Currently, customisations are only available for Enterprise or Ultimate editions. Customisations are co-termed with your Circularo Subscription and will expire when your Subscription expires. 

As Circularo updates regularly, adding features and capabilities, as part of your Subscription. To ensure Customizations work smoothly with each new update or upgrade of Circularo, Customizations or third-party integration should always be tested to ensure their compatibility with the latest Circularo release.

This is why we strongly recommend that you purchase an Implementation Support Plan if you are purchasing Customisations. This makes sure that after each Circularo upgrade, we will test and migrate any Customisations to ensure they keep operating smoothly. If you purchase Circularo or a Customisation through an authorised reseller, it is the reseller's responsibility to ensure your Customisations are optimised for each Circularo build. 

Available Customisations

Enterprise Edition 

Custom Homepage

Prepare a custom Circularo 'homepage with a custom layout, actionable shortcuts and other information provided by you. You provide to us a sketch of the home page, your requirements and any other information that we may request, and we will prepare and implement a custom home page as part of your Circularo subscription. One home page is available per organization.  

Custom Dashboard

Prepare acustom Circularo dashboard  with scorecards, tables, lists and charts displaying your organisation's KPIs and other details that you request. You can create multiple dashboards across your organization and can be restricted to on a per user basis.  There is a one time fee per custom dashboard, plus annual maintenance.

Custom Document Type

Configure a custom 'document type' with a specific set of attributes (i.e. fields, document properties  or metadata). All custom document types contain fields and values that are automatically available in Circularo's Advanced Search and can be used as part of your Custom Dashboards or made available as third-party reports through the Custom Metadata and KPI Export customisation. A one time fee per one document type applies, plus annual maintenance.

Custom eDocs

Prepare web-based eCorrespondence template designed according to your requirements,  with custom branding and predefined content structure and layout. Each eDoc can have multiple fields and rich content elements with predefined values or composition rules. eDoc template can be of fixed or variable length having up to 30 A4 pages. Circularo eDocs can be downloaded or signed as PDF documents. There is a one time fee per eDoc Template, plus annual maintenance fee.

Custom eForms

Prepare and use electronic forms (eForms), web or mobile forms used to gather and process data according to your requirements. Circularo eForms are integrated into your organisation's Circularo processes and can be completed by registered users as part of an approval workflow. There is a one time fee per  custom eForm, plus annual maintenance..

Custom Web eForms

Prepare and use publicly available eForms that are published online and are accessible to external users. Circularo eForms are usually frequently used to collect customer data and documents, submit requests and related evidence, initiate or automate an approval and/or signing process in Circularo. Data from Custom Web eForms can populate both to Custom eForms and eDocs. There is a one time fee per one custom public web form, plus annual maintenance fee.

Custom Workflow

Configuring custom approval workflow with custom actions and logic including advanced configuration and automation options to manage the lifecycle of documents.

There is one time fee per custom workflow with up to 5 steps and 5 different actions plus annual maintenance fee.

Legacy Data Import

Importing legacy data from any 3rd party system. The binaries and metadata need to be stored in a folder. There must be a clear link e.g using well defined naming convention or document ID between metadata fields and document / binary file. Metadata must be stored in an open format such as JSON, XML or CSV.

There is one time fee per one data source and  one set of metadata structure (document types).

Custom Role Based UI

Configuring default Circularo user interface based on  particular type  of user profile (user group). Custom UI means disabling or enabling certain menu actions and options, changing the main landing page after login etc. so the whole user experience can be tailored to the particular role of the user.

One time fee per one Custom UI configured per one user group / role plus annual maintenance fee.

REST API Integration Assistance

Providing technical and development support for any third-party custom integration utilizing Circularo REST API. This Customisation is available as a consultancy service, payable per Man Day and subject to the Circularo Services Terms and Conditions.

Custom Export to Open Format (ZIP archive)

Preparing and exporting all the data (documents, files and binaries), including standard and custom metadata, and Circularo audit trail, to open format as a .zip archive ready to be downloaded. A one time fee applies per each data export.

Custom Metadata and KPI Export

Preparing and exporting a custom data set (including metadata, KPIs and Circularo statistics) to CSV or XLS format to be used for custom reporting in any third-party tool. Exports are generated on your instructions and at agreed intervals. A one time fee applies per custom data export, plus annual maintenance fee.